Project Description


Maximilian Hansen
Maximilian HansenPersonal Trainer
Training Philosophy
The science of today is not necessarily the science of tomorrow. Stay up to date with current trends and only preach research backed training and nutrition methodologies.
Mike Zabel
Mike ZabelPersonal Trainer
Training Philosophy
Fitness is more than looking good; it’s feeling good both on the inside and out. What works for one client may not work for the next, that’s why I believe in individualized training programs tailored to the needs of each client. I am here to help, let get better together.
Andre Gonzales
Andre GonzalesPersonal Trainer
Training Philosophy
I will get the best out of you. You will feel motivated and determined training with me. We are our only competition. Our goal today is to be better than we were yesterday, and that’s the only scale to measure ourselves.
Jesus Rivera
Jesus RiveraPersonal Trainer
Training Philosophy
To assist each individual athlete and general fitness client in achieving their personal goals by implementing a comprehensive strength & conditioning program.
Lisa Grady
Lisa Grady Personal Trainer
Training Philosophy
In fitness at every age with a focus on a balanced body. With movement- particularly mindful movement- we can change the way we live. Mindful movement is the concept that starts with the notion that the body and mind are interconnected. Mindful movement promotes body awareness through focused and precise exercise. From beginners to elite athletes a well-rounded fitness regimen works the whole body and invigorates the mind. There are always obstacles on the road to fitness, but none that can’t be overcome.
Krystina Benson
Krystina BensonPersonal Trainer
Training Philosophy
Training is “person centered” She views each client as an individual, each with their one specific training needs and goals. Krystina’s clients range from physically fit to clients with fibromyalgia. It is because of Krystina’s wide variety of clientele that she continues to acquire necessary knowledge to help them reach their goals.

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Our personal training staff is the best of the best; trained to help our clients reach each and every one their fitness goals. To get to know us a little bit better come in for an Intro Session. It’s on the house.

An Intro Session is where you will meet with one of our Fitness Managers to determine your current fitness level and your goals. The Fitness Manager will pair you with a personal trainer that he/she thinks is best suited to help you meet these goals and go over possible training packages with you.

Our packages are sold in monthly bundles anywhere from three to eighteen months and you can choose how many days per week you would like to train. Our price per session ranges from $20 to $50 and as with any service agreement, you get the best deal when you purchase larger packages.

Keep in mind we run special pricing promotions as often as we can.


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